LinkLogs Canada Inc. Is a small manufacturing company located in Sudbury, Ontario Canada.

Our proprietary manufacturing process along with our unique moulding system allows us to design and manufacture steel reinforced concrete "LOGS" for any outdoor fireplace, BBQ or retaining wall project.

Our products can be found in home back yards, parks, campsites, recreational facilities, resorts across the Northern US and Canada.

What Are Linklogs?
LinkLogs Canada Inc. fireplaces and barbeques are constructed of lightweight, steel reinforced concrete "logs". They have been enjoyed for years throughout the northeast US and Canada for barbecues, warmth, or simply the wonderful ambience they create. Homeowners, parks, campsites, recreational facilities, resorts, organizations, and groups of all kinds have chosen these fireplaces time after time because they are robust yet distinctive and perfectly complement their natural settings. And they are even environmentally friendly. Now, with the new range from LinkLogs Canada Inc. the rest of us can enjoy these fireplaces in our own parks, campsites, backyards, and grounds. LinkLogs Canada Inc. outdoor fireplaces and BBQ's are not only strong, safe, and attractive, they are so easy to put together. They require no tools, no pins, and no cement work. It's as easy as placing one LinkLog on top of another. Like a jigsaw puzzle, all the pieces join together to form your fireplace, and they can last a lifetime. Yet, if you move, you can take your LinkLogs outdoor fireplace with you. They are so fireproof that no significant heat can be felt on the outside of the logs when a fire is roaring in the hearth. You can use wood or charcoal with your LinkLogs outdoor fireplace. It comes complete with adjustable grates and is available in a variety of unique colors.

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